Visas to China
Minimize the possibilities for error. Please ask for our assistance package where one of our agents will send you a step by step guide and personalized assistance in order to walk you through the process.
From the moment that we receive your documents, you can be guaranteed that we use the outmost confidentiality and care in handling your information and preparing your documents.

Obtain a Tourist Visa for China – Next Day Service

If you are traveling to China, IAG can help you get a Tourist Visa for China in two days. Call us for information: 1-866-727-7362.

If you are a US citizen traveling to China, you need to obtain a visa before going on your trip. You should apply for a Tourist Visa for China if you are traveling to China for tourism. If you are not a US Citizen, please check if you need a visa before making your travel plans.

Tourist visas are the subject of complex and highly regulated laws and regulations which differ greatly from country to country. An erroneously issued document can cost you your vacation with your family. Don’t waste time or money. Let our experts help you with the processing of your visa.

If you are applying for a Tourist Visa for China, IAG can offer two day service. All services are limited to time standards of the Embassy/Consulate business hours.

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China Tourist Group Visa

The Tourist Group Visas are issued to tourists traveling in a group which is organized by a travel agency.  The group must consist of at least five (5) or more people who need to travel together both in and out of China.

The Tourist Group Visa is will be issued on the Group Tourist Form instead of in the individual passports.

Visa Requirements:

  1. A Visa Notification form from any head office of the China Travel Service (CTS), the China International Travel Service (CITS), the China Youth Travel Service (CYTS), the Chinese National Tourist Bureau, or any other Chinese provincial Tourist Bureau.

  2. Three completed Tourist Group Visa Forms . If there are any blank boxes left on the name list, draw a straight line from the top left-hand corner down to the bottom right-hand corner in blue or black ink.

  3. The Original passports, which have been arranged in an order which is consistent with the order in which the names appear on the Group Tourist Visa Form.

  • If you have any questions, please contact us.
  • The Chinese Embassy will not accept Visa applications by mail. Applicants must either contract with a passport agency like Inter-American Group or apply in person.
  • Please read the relevant application instructions. If you have any questions.
  • Submitted Visa applications must be filled out completely and correctly.

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Business Visa to China
Need a VisaBusiness Visas (F Visas) are issued to a foreigner who is invited to China for a business visit, an investigation, a lecture, scientific,-technological and cultural exchanges, short-term advanced studies or an internship for a period of no more than six months.

Tourist Visa to China
Need a VisaTourist Visas (L Visas) are issued to a foreigner who wants to visit China for sightseeing or to visit family or friends as well as for other personal affairs. [more]

Work Visa to China

Need a VisaEmployment Visas (Z Visas) are issued to a foreigner who intends to move to China for a post or employment, as well as for their accompanying family members. [more]